Current Openings

Retail Associate

The primary function of this position is customer assistance and customer retention.  Retail Associates are directly supervised by the Retail Supervisor, and perform a wide range of duties within the retail department.  A polite and accommodating personality combined with the ability to change pace frequently is necessary for success in this position.  Retail Associates are frequently in contact with customers, and have a profound effect on repeat business.  It is important that employees create an environment that is comfortable and organized, as well as possess the ability to offer sound advice to customers.

Pool Technician

The primary functions of the Pool Technician is to perform service, maintenance, or repairs on a variety of above ground, in-ground, and commercial pools and related equipment.  Jobs are scheduled by the Service Supervisor and the Pool Technician follows the schedule accordingly.  The tasks completed by the Pool Technician are regularly performed in the field and thus subject to all weather conditions.  He or she must demonstrate exceptional customer service skills, as most jobs are completed at customers' homes.  The Pool Technician reports to the Service Supervisor.


Contract Sales Associate

The primary functions of the Associates’ job is to listen to and educate customers that are in the market for an above ground pool, hot tub or related products.  Associates establish a relationship, set expectations, and design a purchase plan with customers based on customer budget and need.  The sales work will be in the store, on the showroom floor, as well as by phone and email to follow up with customers who come into the store and contact Country Leisure by phone or through company website.