Dance into the summer under the cooling spray of a customized splash pad from Country Leisure. These commercial or backyard spray parks provide relief from the heat while leaving no standing water, which makes them safe for even babies and toddlers to enjoy. There are numerous selections to make it exciting for every child in the family, even those who are still children at heart. A variety of jet options and features offer personalized choices, from the water flow to the elements, all customized to your color preference.

Whether stand alone, tied into new pool construction or linked to an existing pool, splash pad installation is available for both residential and commercial property. With an underground holding tank, the splash pad also helps keep water usage low by supporting water conservation. At Country Leisure, we offer completely customized options to fit your needs, whether for your residential backyard or for a commercial use, such as a church, park, daycare, or home builder association property.  We offer construction of splash pads from October - February with prices starting at $8,000 for residential and small commercial designs.

Find out today how Country Leisure can help keep you cool this summer with a new splash pad.