Current Openings

Accounting Assistant (Seasonal)

The Accounting Assistant position is a part-time, seasonal position.  The primary focus is data entry, accounts payable, daily cash deposits, and account reconciliations.  This position reports to the Controller and works with the entire accounting office to complete required tasks at regular intervals.  No supervisory responsibilities are included with this position, but the employee must be highly self motivated and personally accountable.  He or she must have the capability to change pace as the tempo of business peaks and declines.  Being well-organized and detail oriented are exceptionally important to this position. 

Pool Installer

Pool Installer is a seasonal employee and hours worked are determined by the amount of customer orders.  The season is generally March through September and a Pool Installer typically works very long hours as the season progresses. Pool Installers receive daily work orders from the Manager of Outside Operations, pick up the pool kit from the warehouse, and then arrive at a customer's home to construct the pool. 

Scheduling Assistant

The Scheduling Assistant is a seasonal, part-time employee.  The primary focus of this position is to assist the Service Coordinator and Installation Coordinator with overflow phone calls, filing of all customer paperwork, and scheduling of service calls and pool installations as necessary.  This position requires an up-beat, friendly and communicative person that works well in a fast paced environment.