General Maintenance of your Above Ground Pool

It’s July and the heat of the summer is here!  Maintaining your pool is probably the last thing you want to think about—you just want it to hold water so you can cool off, however, small steps to maintain your pool throughout these weeks will keep you from spending hours trying to turn a green, cloudy pool back into an inviting getaway….

For those of you using Pure ‘N Blue, every two weeks you will need to add Pure ‘N Blue to your pool.  First, you need to test your water and balance to a total alkalinity of 30 – 90 ppm by using muriatic acid to lower alkalinity and alkalinity increaser to raise, and balance your pH to 7.2 – 7.6, using muriatic acid to lower and pH increaser to raise.  Next, you will test your copper level and add Pure ‘N Blue CLEAR based on the size of your pool.  You will then add 2 ounces of Pure ‘N Blue CLEAN per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  Lastly, shock your pool with half a dose of lithium shock and half a dose of potassium non-chlorine shock—shock in the evening after the sun has gone down and everyone is done enjoying the pool for the day.  Note that all Pure ‘N Blue products can be added directly to the pool water without mixing them and it is not necessary to wait between adding the different products.  It is also safe to swim immediately after adding Pure ‘N Blue products.  For the next two weeks, maintain your pH between a 7.2 – 7.6 and do not add any additional Pure ‘N Blue to the pool.

For those of you out there using a chlorine system, you will need to test your water and maintain your total alkalinity between 90 – 120 ppm, and pH in the range referenced above using muriatic acid to lower and sodium bicarbonate to increase both.  You will want to maintain a chlorine level of 1.5 – 3, keeping in mind that chlorine will burn off quickly during very hot and sunny days, so you will want to increase your chlorine level in the evening or early morning so you can maintain an acceptable chlorine level in your pool during the hottest hours of the day.

Other than chemical maintenance, general maintenance that will need to be performed is cleaning your skimmer baskets for any debris so water can continue flowing freely through your system, and cleaning the trap basket in your pump.  You will want to monitor the pressure gauge on your filter, as this will tell you when it is time to backwash your system to clean out the sand in your filter.

Doing the above items periodically will keep your pool clean and clear all summer—it is much easier to maintain a clean pool than remedy one that has gotten completely out of hand!

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