Patriotic Pool Parties of Pinterest: Your guide to food, décor, and games for the 4th

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays: it’s a time for family and friends to get together, get outside, and enjoy a long weekend. And while we love a good Independence Day parade and fireworks show, we always seem to have the most fun in our own backyards. Have a pool? Already opened said pool for the summer? Great – you’re hosting! Thankfully, you’ve got plenty of resources on-hand to make sure that your Fourth fete is a hit. We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas we’ve found via Pinterest – click through and get inspired.

4th of July table decoration ideas. Credit: Pinterest

4th of July table decoration ideas. Credit: Pinterest

Patriotic Pool Party Decorations

Let’s be realistic: if you’re throwing a pool party, your decorations will need to be durable and waterproof. Don’t worry about preparing anything elaborate – it’s not a wedding! That said, some red, white and blue cheer will go a long way.

Make a tablescape for your bar/buffet/goodies. Lisa of Fern Creek Cottage has an impressive July 4th board– but we’re especially keen on this simple-to-assemble, old-school Americana tablescape. Find an old cake stand, a metal tray, and some weathered-looking American flags; pop some popcorn and get out the s’mores supplies; and finish things off with old-fashioned soda bottles and paper straws.

Repurpose for quick party supplies. What’s that? You don’t have an entire room dedicated to crafting and seasonal decorations? No worries. You can breathe some new life into everyday objects and not spend a dime (or more than, say, $10) on your patriotic party decorations. We found these ideas on Gabberts Design Studio’s 4th of July board.

  • Grab some standard apple bushel baskets, throw some blue/white/red paint on them, line with a bandana, and fill with a scoop-able snack.
  • More bandanas than you know what to do with? Wrap them around your silverware and use them as napkins.
  • Adorn your lawn with the stars and stripes. Use leftover poster board (or cardboard) to make a star-shaped stencil; shake white flour into the stencil to make temporary lawn decorations.
  • Put a wreath on it. Don’t be intimidated by the Martha Stewart standard: you can make a super simple, patriotic wreath in less than 5 minutes. Find a plain brown wreath, stick some red, white, and blue flowers in it, and finish it off with a waving flag.
Strawberry USA flag cake

Strawberry USA flag cake

Let them eat (patriotic) cake

Nothing works up an appetite like founding a new country. Eat the food our founding fathers woulda if they coulda with these USA-centric snacks.

Let the games begin

If you’ve got kids at this pool party, you’ll probably need to prepare some crafts and games when the cannonball contest gets old. Even if you’re an all-adult crowd, some facilitated entertainment can help keep things going all day. Get crafty. Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with plenty of crafts and games for Independence Day. Listen to the queen: she knows how to make a party.

  • If driving out to watch the fireworks show is a bit of a stretch, don’t fret: these balloon fireworks are as fun (if not even more fun) for kids.
  • Grab some glow sticks and a camera, and you’ll have some art that kids can keep for years!
  • A DIY wagon parade will work in the driveway or just wheeling around the pool.
  • Have kids bring a pair of flip-flops and make these pom-pom-adorned sandals.
4th of July Paper Lanterns (Credit: Pinterest)

4th of July Paper Lanterns (Credit: Pinterest)

Out to Eat with Kids has a board specifically geared toward kid-friendly July 4th activities and treats. Here are some of our favorites.

The Dating Divas have even more ideas on their Independence Day board. (Don’t worry – they don’t involve dinner and a movie!)

  • Everybody loves to take home a party souvenir – and every kid loves finger-painting. Thesehand-painted T-shirts take care of both.
  • Encourage kids to rest their stomachs after lunch or snacks with a printable game of July 4thbingo.

Enjoy planning your Pinterest-inspired 4th of July pool party – the worst that could happen is you end up featured on Pinterest Fail. (Any publicity is good publicity, right?) In any case, you’ll have a fun and patriotic pool party that will go down in entertaining history – and next year, you’ll get to choose who hosts!


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