Add Value and Ambiance to a Yard with Pool Water Features

There are plenty of good reasons to install a water feature in your pool - but you want to make sure you select the specific features very carefully in order to avoid complications. For most people, the main goal of installing a water feature is to improve the ambiance of an outdoor space - and to better integrate the home's interior design to the outdoors. In order to successfully marry the outdoor and indoor spaces and actually add value to the home, you have to choose the right kind of feature. 


Simple and Understated

Simple, understated pool water features make for a great option for a number of reasons. They are easy to maintain, don’t take much time or a large budget to install, and complement a variety of design sensibilities. A classic, pared-down water feature – a stairway fountain leading down to the pool, for example – creates a relaxing and sophisticated ambiance without detracting from the pool’s primary function.

If possible, look for a green option-water features that recycles water – you’ll reduce both cost and maintenance needs.


Most of us associate the sound of softly cascading water with rest and relaxation. Waterfalls are a simple feature, but they can be made to look elegant or interesting by using faux boulders or other interest items that keep the water flowing.

Pool water features that include a waterfall can vary in how difficult they are to maintain, so it’s important to be deliberate when you’re choosing the feature. A simple waterfall that is built into the pool or that doesn’t feature extra design elements (boulders or rocks, for example) can be relatively easy to maintain. Falls with several boulders or other interest features often look more natural and incorporated into the pool, but they’re typically more difficult to maintain.


Incorporating the Garden

A pool is only one aspect of the backyard – and you can use water features to create a more integrated look between your garden and pool.  As you might expect, any water features that incorporate plant life will require a bit more maintenance. But these features, if well designed, can add to your property value and totally transform your outdoor space.

One way to integrate your pool and yard: combine planters and fountains to create a smooth transition (and add interest) between the two. Choose your favorite vining flower or crawling plant and allow it to creep down the side of the water features – while the water features recycle water from the pool and create a fountain effect.


Deck Jets and Fountains

A poolside stream of water popping up out of the deck and arching into the pool can be a simple, but beautiful way to add motion to your space.  Deck jets are constant pressurized columns of water that can be adjusted to varying heights and lengths to make sure they hit their target (the pool) every time.  LED lighting options create a drastically luminescent nighttime scene as the water streams light up with vivid color.  Strategically placed bubblers can add intrigue to a set of pool steps or a sundeck.  These low bubbling jets can be adjusted.  You could have a mild fountain like action underneath the surface of the water or a high pressured fountain that shoots 30” above the waterline.  LED options for these fountains are also available.


Fun Features

Don’t forget about slides and splash pads!  Cool water features are not only for adults.  A poolside slide to zoom down is fun for the whole family, and it can be plumbed to use water straight from the pool.  Not all slides are plastic and unsightly either.  In fact, large rock features can be designed to integrate a smooth, carved-out slide through an otherwise elaborate water feature.  It is now possible to bring waterpark features to your residential pool.  With a few deck jets and creatively placed drains, your kids can hang out in their own perpetual sprinkler system that uses water straight from your pool.

If you choose a water feature that suits your home and yard’s design and your available maintenance time, you’ll end up with something you enjoy for many years. The right pool water features will be high-impact and add value to your outdoor space – without detracting from your relaxation time.

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